Digital Scanning

scanner digitalizzazione libri antichi



The use of planetary scanner lets you achieve outstanding results , with no risk of ruining your precious original volumes !

The size until > A0 and the optical resolution of 800 dpi A3 allows you to duplicate perfectly your books , so you can browse to the PC as and when you like, without the risk of damaging the originals !

A camera scans the book from linear (non-contact ) and scan a page or two at a time.

The open book is placed on its stand . For a more efficient digitization of both pages , the page left and right should be positioned approximately at the same height . For this reason, the support base resembles a scale with two plates . Depending on the type of media used , the two plates are balanced according to the weight of the book , or controlled separately by a motor , which allows to scan the page right and left at the same level.



Latest generation LED lighting technology

No UV or IR emission Very low heat dissipation lamps long life ( up to 6 years ) Lighting targeted

Lighting active only during the scan


Document Security

You do not need any plate glass nor require any contact with the book support plans for books manual or motorized (optional) Low emission of light without heat



- Acquisition of images in high resolution format ( tiff format ) and creating a logically ordered sequence them, the files will be renamed on any specific

- On the basis of bibliographic descriptions you supply to the affected volumes , creating a bibliographic structure based on compliance with the MAG standard

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