Papermill for conservation

The experience we have accumulated on a daily basis shows us the advances made by using innovative materials, techniques and, not less importantly, new and more cautious philological approaches to the art of restoration; also, this shows us that the first and best way to “restore” is to preserve the heritage preventing, inasmuch as it is possible, the causes of degradation.

Among the many initiatives that the curator of a heritage, let it be of filing or book or museum or article nature, can undertake, the most important one has to be the appropriate conservation of the item. As people working in this field, we thought it necessary to accommodate the routine restoration activity with that of planning and realisation of specific products having the ideal characteristics for conservation. The continuative dialogue with the those in charge of the conservation of private archives as well as State-owned, State Library and Sopraintendenze archives, has enabled us to understand that the certainty of the material characteristics, their top quality, the flexibility of the typologies and the affordability of costs represent the main features of a product destined to conservation. By this multimedia pamphlet the Niola Bookbinding Art and Restoration illustrates some examples of the services on offer. Please also note:

  1. We certify the quality of our product by enclosed technical sheet
  2. We use top quality materials whose biochemical characteristics are ideal and purposely tested (Acid free with alkaline reservoir and mould-resistant)
  3. We do not require a minimum amount order for product type
  4. We make also personalised products in any shape, format and material

In addition, under request, our firm will offer a free-of-charge sample of the item in question provided that a conspicuous order is placed.

Note: For art graphic conservation materials it is preferable to contact us by email or by filling in the form.
We guarantee a prompt reply by quoting you a figure and, if appropriate, send you a free sample.


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