Restoration has considerably improved over the years due to the input provided into broadening the knowledge of the material and a more responsible realization of the preserving procedures by such scientific disciplines as physics, chemistry and biology.


The art of restoring books, … and prints has been gaining more and more importance. This is mainly due to the fragility of the matter on which it operates and its need for special treatments which amend the damages caused by biological, chemical and mechanical agents and which decelerate its frailty. But above all – make these objects usable again.
The restoration laboratory of the Niola firm has decades-long experience and is capable of intervening on the material to restore with modern methods and using appropriate substances. As far as the techniques and materials are concerned we refer to the expertise of the Central Institute for the Pathology of the Book at the Italian Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities, which is one of the world-leading research centres.
The Niola firm with its valuable experience in the field of book restoration aims at both national and international public and private libraries. It is capable of providing professional information from the starting phase of the project to the conclusion of the restoration.

OS 2-B certified Company

Restorations made for the most prestigious cultural institutions:

  • Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities General Direction for Library Heritage
  • Region of Campania
  • State Archives
  • University of Study of Naples “Federico II”
  • National Library of Naples
  • University of Study “L’Orientale”
  • Conservatory of “San Pietro a Majella”
  • Supeintendence of Napoli and of Pompei
  • UCLA University
  • The Huntington Library, CA, USA.


  • Restoration ms. e Korans Persian e Yemen from sec. XI°
  • Choral and atlases from sec. XIV
  • Paper maps and membrane from sec. XII Manuscripts of musical scores (Donizetti, Paisiello, Verdi)
  • Parchment documents from the XI century.

Given the rarity of the material we restore and the respect for privacy we provide, only upon request and authorization of our clients, a detailed documentation of the restoration intervention carried out by us.


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