About us


The activity of the Niola Artistic Bookbinders has been taking place in the same place (Via G. Palladino) since the end of the 19 th century. Specialised in the restoration and binding of book parts, with particular attention to antique paper and parchment volumes, their experience has been regularly appreciated by public and private libraries, research institutes, publishers, banks, professionals and private clients. Given the importance attached to the conservation and restoration of the bibliographical and documental material, the firm is enlisted with the registry of book restoration workers, belonging to the Central Institute for the Pathology of the Book at the Italian Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities.
The Niola firm specialises in pest control of the paper and wooden materials (books, furniture, musical instruments, etc.). The equipment used is based on the controlled atmosphere system. This consists in exposing the paper or wooden materials, previously sealed in appropriate containers, to the common controlled atmosphere enriched with noble gases such as nitrogen. By treating the objects in situ thereby preventing their displacement, this method allows to kill, in about three weeks, any insect species irrespective of its life stage. Compared to the traditional pest control techniques, which use toxic and carcinogenic gases, this method is based on alternative approaches that are harmless and environment-friendly.

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